"We make our monsters & than fear them for what they can show us about ourselves" - Savannah to Nate.
Savannah is a recurring character in season 1 of A Vampire Story.

Early Life Edit

1502-1519 Edit

Savannah was born in Holland in 1502 as Savannah Kingsley to unknown parents. Savannah grow up with her parents where their taught her witch craft at a young age. When Savannah was 11 she got sick & was getting worse so her father use his witch powers to cure her. In 1517 when Savannah was 17 years old her parents were caught using witch craft & their were burn to stick. Savannah fearing the same fate will happen to her ran away from her village before she got caught. She travel to America.

1519 Edit

Savannah was turn into a vampire by some unknown man.

1761-1769 Edit

In 1763 Savannah meets a 12 year old orphan girl witch name Davina Mitchell. She takes Davina under her wing and help her with witch craft.

In 1766 Savannah meets a young man name Nate Morgan when she found him on the street with a stab worn she give him vampire blood to heal him telling him its a special type of medicine. The two fall in love and that start dating.

In 1769 Savannah & Nate got engaged, Savannah will be Anisley, Giuseppe, Elsie & Evie step mother. On June 23rd 1769 Savannah gives Anisley a special necklace for her 12th birthday. In September 1769 Savannah turns Nate into a vampire after she realize he will grow old & she will stay young for eternity. Once Nate realize he found out his fiance is a vampire & he is gonna be one too. He is angry at Savannah for what she did to him & started worrying about his kids. Savannah tells him they can turn them & the six of them can be a vampire family but Nate is against the idea & decides to go home. Savannah knowing Nate can't handle his thirst for blood knew she had to protect the kids. She asked Davina to do a spell. Davina said she can only protect two of the children. Savannah choose to protect Anisley & Giuseppe with a cloaking spell. Savannah later that day realize Nate killed Elsie & Evie & completed his transition into a vampire. Nate angry at Savannah leaves her telling her she's a monster that only cares about herself.

1789-1899 Edit

In 1789 Nate found out from Davina (who is now a vampire) that Savannah protected Anisley & Giuseppe with a spell. Nate forgive Savannah & end up traveling with her.